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  • any of a number of individuals with interests and investments in a business or enterprise, among whom expenses, profits, and losses are shared.

StormPartners began in 2012 as an idea to engage in “partnership” with work associates, vendors, and customers. We wanted to provide excellent service, but not everyone was on board with the concept of shared risk. We found  it out the hard way.

We were in an industry where we could end up doing a lot of work for someone and never receive a penny. In the early days, it happened more than once after a storm we would create the plans to rebuild part of the house only to have the property owner keep the insurance money. (We also worked with a lot of great folks that reinforce our belief in the basic decency of this country)

Funny thing is we noticed that we always (ultimately) did everything we said we were going to do–that is what an honest broker ALWAYS does, and hopefully not just because the BBB is watching. It does not seem fair, but you can falter but not fail. When we were acting as contractors’ representatives, we knew that we would continue to do everything to satisfy a customer. Even if it does not work out, at least, you know you will keep trying until all options are exhausted. So we learned you need to make money to “pay-off” the tough ones, and no one will ever find out you make mistakes.


StormPartners is an industry leading firm for customer advocacy in support of seamless, stress-free insurance claims and crisis resolution in the storm, fire, and water damaged industry.  We work directly with the Residential or Commercial building owner, our Partner contractors, and Insurance company representatives. Our goal is to be the best resource available to the homeowner, commercial building owner, Contractor, and Insurance company representative.

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