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StormPartners provides fast, friendly and worry-free service.

Storm Partners offers full contracting services to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

At StormPartners, we exist to make your life easier by reducing the stress you experience as a result of damage to your home, whether storm, fire, or water-related. We are professionals at simplifying a complicated, convoluted, and often mystifying process during the assessment, insurance claims, and repair procedures. We assist you in achieving the highest value from your insurance policy by delivering knowledge and experience, you require, in a professional and forthright manner, at absolutely no cost to you. Bold claims indeed, but all supported by results; please continue to read. 

From the insurance company’s perspective: Provide a quick claim and check to keep you “happy” and those premiums coming in. However, when offering the barest of payout by maximizing depreciation of the affected area combining with your deductible amounts, the insurance company wants to do the right thing, but financial and time constraints make that difficult.

StormPartners offers an exclusive concierge service to you (at no cost), resulting in historically high rates of satisfaction and a greater yield from your insurance provider. As a further demonstration of our abilities and claims, you may wish to ask yourself, “Why would I go to anyone other than the same group with whom insurance claim professionals use to file and process claims for their homes”? We:

  • know what to look for (yes, we have our own certified claims adjusters on staff),
  • know how to file claims,
  • look beyond the obvious,
  • know how to coordinate activity:
    • between you,
    • the insurance company,
    • the contractors;
    • reclamation crews
  • provide a low stress, no-cost alternative to an otherwise stressful situation

Interested in knowing more about StormPartners? Don’t hesitate to send us a message today to let us know.

From the contractor’s perspective: Put up your job in as little time as
possible and move on to the next project with a “get-in and get-out” approach.
However, by working with a contractor motivated by volume, and offering the
quickest results possible, short-cuts is often taken with little regard to
expensive and often unlooked ancillary damage. With whom do you think their
satisfaction will be focused? (Hint: It’s not you!)

Some contractors insist (and homeowners
mistakenly believe) that it doesn’t matter who does their repairs, and years
ago before the insurance process got so complex (expensive), this may have been
true.  It may be that the homeowner
remembers the last roof repair, as an example, as a simple project that was
completed in a day or so.

The old model of giving the homeowner the
money and “hoping” they would complete the roof is over.  With advances in technology and more fraud
than ever, the insurance companies have adopted much tighter controls and
documentation in the process.  The typical
contractor has not kept up, often preferring to do the simple and “getting in,
and getting out” as quickly as possible.

With increasing specialization, today’s
homeowner needs an advocate that is truly first in every aspect of the
insurance and reclamation process.  It
would be impossible for a contractor alone to learn the myriad of constantly
changing issues regarding the claims process. Our process allows for the best
contractors to do work of contracting, while we handle the technology and
people part of the work.

How does all of this work?

Here’s what you can expect with StormPartner’s 6-step Process

Step 1

Inspect Roof to Determine is Claim is Viable

Step 2

Contact Insurance Carrier to File Claim

Step 3

Schedule & Meet Adjuster

Step 4

Finalize Claim with Insurance Company

Step 5

Select Colors & Finalize Scope of Project

Step 6

Schedule Job & Obtain Necessary Permits

Step 7

Install Project, Clean Up, & Walk-Through

Step 8

Invoice Carrier & Collect Final Payment

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